To Critique or Retreat?

That is the question, and a good one.

There are two tracks for participants at Paradise Lost

The Critique track is for those students who wish to participate in two small group, Milford style critique sessions.  Students of this track will also participate in lectures and social events at Paradise Lost.

  • Small group critiques will be moderated by one of the professional staff.
  • Writing submissions will be critiqued by everyone in each small group, including the professional staff.
  • Submissions should be in in RTF format and no more than 5k words.  Supporting documents like outlines, synopsis, and notes do not count as part of the 5k limit, but they are not required reading.
  • Submissions are due March 15th, 2015
  • Submissions should be sent to
  • Submissions which are provided after March 15th are not subject to critique by the staff in residence hosting your critique group.
  • Critique format will follow the Milford model. Please be considerate and be prepared to offer feedback to your fellow students by reading materials provided prior to sessions.

Critique track (Max 15 participants): $330.00


The second track, is the Retreat track. This track is for students who would rather use the time spent in critiques to write or recreate. This track participates in lectures, and social events at Paradise Lost. This is a great option if you want to come and enjoy the lectures and time with your writing peers, but need time to write rather than receive critiques.

Retreat track (Max 15 participants): $200.00


If that sounds confusing, this should help:

 $330.00 Critique X X X
 $200.00 Retreat X X
 *Free Guest X

*Guests of paying members only