2014 Professional Staff

John A. PittsJohn (J.A.) Pitts resides in the Pacific Northwest where he hunts dragons, trolls and other beasties among the coffee shops and tattoo parlors. He is best known for his Sarah Beauhall series from Tor Publishing. The series consists of: BLACK BLADE BLUES (2010), HONEYED WORDS (2011) and FORGED IN FIRE (June 2013).

John has a BA in English and a Masters of Library Science from University of Kentucky. In addition, he is a graduate of the Oregon Coast Writers Workshops with Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith. When not writing, you can find him practicing martial arts with his children or spending time with his lovely wife.




Melinda Snodgrass studied opera at the Conservatory of Vienna in Austria, graduated from U.N.M. with a degree in history, and went on to law school.

In 1988 she accepted a job on Star Trek: TNG, and began her Hollywood career where she has worked on staff on numerous shows, among them Reasonable Doubts and Profiler, and she has written pilots and feature films.

Her novels, THE EDGE OF REASON, and THE EDGE OF RUIN are currently available from Tor books. Her newest novel THIS CASE IS GONNA KILL ME written under the pseudonym Phillipa Bornikova is just out. She is the co-editor with George R.R. Martin of Wild Cards, science fiction’s longest running shared world anthology, and she is adapting that franchise as a motion picture for Universal Pictures.

Her passion (aside from writing) is riding her Lusitano stallion Vento da Broga.


Walter Jon WilliamsWalter Jon Williams is a New York Times and London Times bestselling author, and the author of Hardwired, City on Fire, and The Praxis. He has written 30 volumes of fiction in 30 years, as well as being nominated for ten Nebula Awards, six Hugo Awards, the World Fantasy Award, and the Philip K Dick Award. He has also written for movies, television, and the gaming field.

He has participated in the Sycamore Hill and Franklinia workshops, as well as being a founding member of the Very Small Array and Critical Mass workshops. He is the founder of the Rio Hondo professional workshop, held for the last eight years in Taos, as well as the founder of Taos Toolbox, the workshop for new writers.

“Walter good. Monsters bad.” (Ian Tregillis, Clarion 2005)