Who can attend?

Paradise Lost exists to serve writers who have achieved success in their craft and seek to continue to develop their abilities. The purpose of prerequisites is to identify writers who are ready to participate at an advanced level.

Meeting any one of these prerequisites is sufficient to attend Paradise Lost.

1) a fiction sale to either a SFWA-qualifying venue or similar professional venue

2) an offer of representation for fiction from a literary agent at an established, reputable, and successful agency

3) completion of a major, by-audition-only speculative fiction writing workshop such as Clarion, Odyssey, Literary Boot Camp, Clarion West, Taos Toolbox, Viable Paradise, etc.

4) cumulative sales at least 1,000 copies of one or more self-published works of fiction and received author income of at least $5,000 from those sales,

5) nomination for or winning a qualifying major award for writing fiction in any form or medium (Campbell, Nebula, Hugo, WGA, Dragon, etc.)

Spouses or partners are welcome to participate during free time, meals and social activities, but may not attend lectures or critiques.