Q. Where is it?

A. San Antonio, Texas. We are in the Drury Plaza Riverwalk hotel 

105 South St Mary’s Street – San Antonio, TX, 78205 –

P: 210-270-7799

F: 1-800-431-1351


Q. Are lodging and meals included?

AHotel reservations and meals are NOT a part of your registration fee. You must book your own reservation.


Q. Is it okay to share a room?

A. Yes. If you wish to share a room at the Drury Plaza Riverwalk hotel and are looking for a roommate I encourage you to reach out to your fellow students on the Paradise Lost Google group.


Q. Is there any transportation provided by the event?

A. Paradise Lost is not providing pick-up and drop off to the event for participants. It is the participant’s responsibility to be in San Antonio by Thursday afternoon.

Q. Will there be Wi-Fi at the hotel?

A. There is Wi-Fi in the Drury


Q. Will I have free time?

A. Several hours a day is reserved for free time time for you to write, hang out in the lobby or just play games. If the weather permits, the roof top pool is pretty fun as well.


Q: So who can attend Paradise Lost?

A: Members of the Codex writers group, and graduates and staff of Taos Toolbox and Viable Paradise are invited to attend. Spouses or partners are welcome to participate during free time, meals and social activities, but may not attend lectures or critiques.


Q: So, Paradise Lost is a master level course that you take after you graduate from one of the other programs?

A: No, not at all. Viable Paradise and Taos Toolbox put a significant amount of  time and effort into vetting submissions to identify who is ready to attend their programs.  We however are a small group and that is a bit more than we can handle.  We use participation in Viable Paradise and Taos Toolbox, or membership in Codex as a prerequisite because it saves us time and it guarantees the participants will have a certain levels of skill in writing and critiquing.


Q: So what is Paradise Lost all about?

A: Recreation and continuing education and fellowship for writers who have recently made or are making the transition to professional work. We created Paradise Lost (PL) because it is what we needed as writers to develop in the craft, and to build friendships.


Q: Why Texas?

A: Because the West and East coast have strong writing communities with events and retreats already.  Texas, and specifically central Texas, has a large population of writers, but very few public events to encourage building community and continuing education.


Q: I am already a published professional writer, but the event sounds like fun, and I meet the prerequisites.  Would it be appropriate for me to attend?

A: Absolutely.  Our students range from major award nominees to those who just experienced their first sale. The event is a combination writing retreat and seminar, with a substantial amount of social time for recreation.  Just be aware that as an advanced writer or editor you might find some of the lectures to be material which you are already experienced.

(More Q&A as they are asked)